Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wine Tasting evening with Cavit Wines

This week in wine tasting is being brought to you by Palm Bay International and Cavit Wines.  This week a group of The Women Who Wine are gathering to wrap up the summer and sample a nice variety of white wines from the Cavit Collection graciously supplied by Cavit wines.  As they describe it:
Combine a half-century of winemaking expertise, the dramatic landscape and terroir of northern Italy, and a profound enjoyment of the good things in life. The result: The Cavit Collection.
This stellar range of high-quality, food-friendly wines is produced at the Cavit winery in Trentino, a picturesque landscape of mountains, lakes, and medieval castles. Vineyards in this region enjoy the warming effects of the "Ora del Garda," a dry, balmy breeze that sweeps across Lake Garda and protects the fruit from external moisture and disease. Contrastingly cool evenings promote rich, intense aromas and flavors in the grapes. Focusing both on indigenous and international varieties, Cavit wines are delicious on their own but also incredibly food friendly.
Cavit Wines does have a fantastic website.  It is clean and crisp and easy to navigate.  The thing that I love most about the website is their recipe and tips page.  You select the course, the main ingredient, and the type of wine you would like to enjoy and the site provides you with a variety of recipes that work perfectly together.  

Pictures and our thoughts about this collection will be posted after our gathering on Thursday.

Look who else is enjoying Cavit wines this week! Our friends over at Wine Oh TV!
CLICK HERE for their review.

What is your favorite way to wrap up the summer?

* While this is a sponsored evening with the wine being supplied by Cavit Wines and Palm Bay International our thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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