Sunday, October 19, 2014

Coffee and Wine: Living a Life in Balance

Coffee in the morning. Wine at night. Life in Balance.

New research suggests that coffee may be good for your liver.

At Women Who Wine we are all about living your life in balance and would never suggest that you drink so much wine that it has a negative impact on your liver and/or your health in any way. Life is all about balance and so we were thrilled to read this latest research from Science Daily about the benefits of coffee. It turns out it may be good for your liver.

At a recent Wine Bloggers Conference we sat down with Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon Vineyard and asked him his advice for young people who were just getting interested in wine. His immediate response was "Life is short - Drink slow".

We completely agree. Drink slowly and enjoy your glass of wine and the people you are with. But now know that you may also want to start your day with a nice hot cup of coffee (or two). Coffee itself has zero calories. You can make a cup of coffee a DietKiller by adding cream and sugar and flavored syrups. This sort of defeats the purpose of the health benefits. While those drinks are delish remember the word moderation when it comes to desert coffees too.

Researchers report that decaffeinated coffee drinking may benefit liver health. Results show that higher coffee consumption, regardless of caffeine content, was linked to lower levels of abnormal liver enzymes. This suggests that chemical compounds in coffee other than caffeine may help protect the liver. Read More

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