Sunday, November 2, 2014

A large Glass of Wine and a Donut

Yes, a large glass of wine and a donut. These two things have alot in common.  I'm not going to make you guess. They have approximately the same amount of calories as each other. Some of you are thinking it right now "My wine and my donuts don't have any calories". 

When it comes to wine we typically don't think about the calories all that much. When we get together with friends and enjoy wine we sip and talk and this seems to be a calorie free activity.

That is, unfortunately, not the case. Wine has calories. So do donuts.

Wine labels have become a work of art. We have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to wine labels that we love. But the one thing you won't find on the labels is the calorie count found in each bottle.

An article in the BBC argues that wine should be labeled to provide the information tat we, up to this point, have gleefully ignored. CLICK HERE to read the full article.

What do you think about wine labels? Take our Facebook poll and find out what everyone else is thinking too. 

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