Friday, January 30, 2015

Football Jargon for Women Who Wine

Football may not be your thing. OR you may be a Huge Fan.

I am a 12.

One of my favorite parts of the game is listening to the announcers. Invariably, in every game, one of them will say something super obvious but with a very serious voice like "You know, if this team wants to win the game they are going to have to score more points." Really? Is that how it's done? 

So, whether you are one of those Women Who Wine who has grown up loving football, or you just like to watch the Super Bowl for the ads, we thought we would update some of the football jargon here before the big game Women Who Wine style:

Football Jargon for Women Who Wine

Power Sweep: What you do 5 minutes before your guests arrive

1st & 10: That anxiety you feel as the first guest arrives but you have invited 10 people and you're worried that no one else will show up

Interception: Inserting a non-alcoholic drink between alcoholic drinks to keep the party going longer without incident

Fumble: When a guest unsuccessfully attempts to balance a small snack plate, their drink, and answer their cell phone at the same time.

Quarterback Sneak: Kalimotxo (mixing your red wine with diet coke - fun drink but just a little bit sneaky)

Eligible Receiver: Someone who is at least 21

Intentional Grounding: Over serving your guests alcoholic beverages at your Super Bowl party. This is very bad form

Neutral Zone: Where you display the non-alcoholic drinks during your party. This should be easily accessed and fully stocked

Off sides: an hors d'oeuvres that really doesn't work

Overtime: When guests are having so much fun they stay well past the time you thought your party would be over

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Party guest who gets out of control

Touchdown: The perfect Super Bowl party where the food is great, the wine is perfect, and everyone has a blast regardless of which team wins. (Although this year it would fantastic if the Seahawks took home another Superbowl trophy)

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