Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to become a wine expert in 5 easy steps

How to become a wine aficionado:

The Pat and Jo way
  1. Go to the store and buy the most inexpensive wine you can find.
  2. Open it up and pour a small glass.
  3. Answer one question - Do you like it? YES or NO
  4. If the answer is NO then stop drinking it and use the rest of the bottle for cooking.
    If the answer is YES then go back to the store and buy a case of that wine.
  5. Go back to the store and buy the next wine in order of price and repeat the process.
Really, the only thing that matters when appreciating wine is whether or not you like the taste.  

Do you need to know the proper steps of smelling, swishing, tasting, swirling? No.  You just have to know what wine you like and how to avoid buying a bottle of wine that you will hate.

Everything after that is a bonus. 


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