Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pamela Vandyke Price

The news did not trend on Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook or anywhere else that we typically go to over a typical weekend.  Yet, the news was of significant note to the wine world and to the world in general.  Pamela Vandyke Price passed away at the age of 90.  This name may not be familiar to you.  It is not a household name for most.  Yet Pamela Vandyke Price quietly forged the path for women in the world of wine writing, journalism, writing, and style.

You won't find a wikipedia page with her life story.  You won't find many pictures of her on google images.  Even still she made massive waves in the wine world, wrote several books, and deserves more than a couple of side notes on industry websites.

Winston Churchill once said "History will be kind to me for I intend to write it."

Perhaps that is one of the problems.  We don't have enough women writing about the incredible achievements of other women.  Combine that with the fact that many women in history quietly and humbly made their contribution without fanfare or adoration.

This is seen every week in homes around the world.  Stay at home moms take care of the children, do the laundry, make dinners, clean the house, and occasionally make time for a nice long soak in the tub without someone yelling through the door that they need something.  Yet when they leave their dear husbands in charge of the kids their men want an award for watching the kids AND taking out the garbage.  This phenomenon was recently encaptulated in the YouTube video ManCold.

In the next several weeks I plan to read more writing from Pamela Vandyke Price and learn what I can about this uncelebrated celebrity.

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